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Impelling posts.

This module facilitates the analysis of previous posts through YouOnSocial. All prior publications can be consulted and, through an array of gathering and statistical processing algorithms, YouOnSocial supplies important data that will be essential for future effective decision making. It is possible to find out on which social networks your content had a greater impact through the following indicators:

General total of likes, comments and shares distributed by gender.

Detailed analytics, by social network, of likes, comments and shares

-geographical distribution.

-percentage of brand fans vs non- followers.

-outcomes of generated clicks by geographical distribution and website reference.

By sharing content at different times and on distinct social networks, the impact and the behavior of users will certainly be different. Variables such as country, time zone and the frequency of the publications interfere on the outcome.
Through detailed statistical analysis, made available by YouOnSocial, you will have more information when it comes to deciding the best content and moment for its publication.