Tiny Links

This module allows you to manage and obtain more statistical data from your links.

With this tool, it is easier to share links. Using a smaller link for your content enables gathering statistics, which are essential for effective decision-making (number of accesses, operating system and time).

Videos, pictures and documents (pdf, doc, docx, xls…) that are hosted in YouOnStage possess an automatically generated Tiny Link and QR Code that can be shared and that possess associated statistics of user interactions.

There are different configurations of Tiny Links, depending on the type of file you want to share:

Standard –

Videos –

Pictures –

Documents –

Editable Tiny Links

In case you wish to generate a shorter link to a long address and have the possibility to later edit the source link, you can now use Tiny Links.

The ability to change the link after you have printed the QR Code is one of the great advantages of creating Tiny Links through YouOnSocial.


long link: www.mywebsite/online/company/presentation.pdf

tiny link:

Only Tiny Links such as, that allow for later editing and source link alteration will be charged.